Black Squares

As part of my self directed study I am looking at pinhole photography. I have made my own pinhole cameras using cans and I intend to create a stop motion using the images from them. So far I have produced several tests to see if it is possible to create motion from pinhole photos and it hasn't been going too well. It has been quite bright and sunny recently which meant I was exposing the images for only 2 seconds each! Surprisingly a lot are still over exposing, which means I have a large selection of black squares now! I want to design something with them, they look quite interesting laid out in this grid.


  1. Eh I have to do experimental techniques for my work this term!!!
    My brains just stopped working!!!
    I need to make some pinhole cameras. Your cans looked cool. I'm trying to think what else I could make them from apart from boxes.x

  2. Ah really! It is really exciting but takes a long time! And it makes me sad when they come out blank! But going to turn that into a project anyway. You can make them from anything, just got to be creative. You should watch the film 'The Brothers Bloom' the girl in that makes pinhole cameras from fruit! x