Choros - Experimental Dance Film

I absolutely love this new experimental dance video from director Michael Langan. Choros is a film that aims to enhance our perception of motion by exploring movement of the human body. The film echos a technique developed in the 1880s by photographers such as Eadwaerd Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey. This experimental film captures the movement of dancer Terah Maher. Michael was able to capture the most subtle movements by layering 32 sequences without fear of overexposing the film. There is a beautiful dreamlike quality to the piece and it is really nice to watch. 

"Choros revisits these technical innovations and attempts to contribute original innovations of its own. Using recent advancements in digital compositing, the technique developed for Choros introduces color, frees the film from the confines of a black studio, and allows the dancer to linger in one position without risk of overexposure, resulting in a variation of this historical technique that allows a degree of subtlety heretofore prohibited by technical limitations."

The music accompanying the film is 'Music of 18 Musicians' by Steve Reich which adds to the almost hypnotising rhythm of the piece. You can watch the film below or on vimeo.

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  1. Yes, but how did they do it??? It's not just a matter of staggering a single shot.