Petr Spatina - Glasses

Skoda have produced some really memorable adverts (One of my favorites being the Skoda Fabia Cake car, you can see here.) This advert is also simply amazing. It shows a man playing music by running his fingers across many crystal glasses which are in the shape of the car. I didn't believe it was real until musician Petr Spatina appeared as a guest on the Joathan Ross show recently and played his unique piece of music 'fragile sounds' live! He even did a Lady Gaga cover! It was unbelievable, I find it difficult enough to make sound from one glass, let alone composing music using glasses with water in them! You can see the skoda advert below, and watch Petr's performance on the Jonathan Ross Show here.


  1. This is mental! when i saw the advert on tv, my little sister asked me if it was real and i was like nooo it can't be!! They must be some good quality glasses!

  2. Apparently he has to keep the oil off of his hands too, to get the best sound. He wouldn't shake Jonathan Ross' hand before the interview to keep his hands clean.