Happy New Year to everyone! I started off 2012 in Bristol, it was a really great weekend. I am back home in London now and ready for a fresh start. I am back at work, with my new years resolutions and a plan for the next year ahead. I really want to get one of these 2012 calenders designed by Nando Costa in collaboration with his wife Linn Olofsdotter. You can buy them online from their 'Mine could be Yours' website. The calenders are really intricately laser cut, each one taking up to an hour to cut! The detail in the pattern is very beautiful and the calender looks stunning against a window with light flooding through. I never had the opportunity to try laser cutting at uni which was a shame, definitely something I would like to experiment with in the future (one to add to my new year list!) You can find more photos of the 2012 calender on Nando's website here.

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