The Polaroid Pinhole Project

Great project by photographer Matthew Nicholson. For my third year project at uni I explored into lots of pinhole photography techniques. I also built my own pinhole cameras and downloaded many paper templates. This pinhole camera however, although it is still a prototype, is quite unique. It is based on a polaroid camera and will take actual instant film! It is still work in progress but already it sounds very exciting.
"Early experiments working out how the reagent works against the film using a roller by hand to release the reagent packets onto the film surface. These images have not gone through the pinhole camera yet. 2nd attempt as you can see had a more successful coverage."
I think the polaroids alone are beautiful, the blend of chemicals have created really interesting shapes and colours. It reminds me of some of the work I saw at the Shadow Catchers exhibition at the V&A (You can see my post here). I can't wait to see the finished camera, it would have been great to use pinhole cameras with instant film, it was very frustrating waiting to use an entire roll of film, only to find too much light had leaked into my camera and they were all black! At least I had more luck with the photographic paper in my pinhole cameras.

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  1. polaroids really are so gorgeous, i just wish they weren't so expensive to work with.