Frozen Planet

This new David Attenborough series Frozen Planet has been absolutely stunning. The filming is beautiful, the animals are so funny and every episode is really emotional. I love seeing behind the scenes how extreme the conditions were for the camera crew. Living amongst thousands of penguins sent them a bit crazy at one point! There have been some fantastic slow motion shots of the animals but the most impressive so far were the snowflake formations. Each one is unique, two identical snowflakes have never been found!

We are half way through the series now, I am really intruiged to see the final episode, which addresses the issue of global warming. There has been some controversy recently in the news as the bbc are planning to sell the series abroad without the seventh episode, as countries abroad are sceptical to climate change. But I agree with this line from the guardian "Frozen Planet has a duty to inspire debate as well as wonder". Frozen Planet is on again on Wednesday at 9pm.

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