Breaking Dawn

I went to see the new Twilight film this weekend. We went on the opening night and the cinema was jam packed, which was a much more exciting way to watch the film. I was really impressed with the film, I think it was pretty accurate to the book and if you are a twilight fan you will be pleased. It started off a little slow with the wedding and honeymoon but towards the end I think it was one of the most dramatic and fast paced film of the series. Watching Bella's slow transformation through pregnancy and her death was actually quite scary, and even though we had read the book, mum and I both hid behind our hands at points! It was really quite gruesome when her bones were breaking in the birth scene. I was also quite impressed by the way Jacob's point of view and the alpha wolf scene was interwoven in the film. I think it was done quite effectively and fairly easy to understand. In the book this is done in a different section, completely from Jacob's view point. I was really intrigued to see where the film would end, I wasn't disappointed as we got to see Renesme and a glimpse of vampire Bella, ending with her blood red eyes.

Watch the trailer here. The wedding scene was stunning and Bella's dress was just beautiful, with the lace and button detail. I'm looking forward to seeing part 2 next year!


  1. I loved it too! The way they transformed Bella throughout the pregnancy was really well done, her bones! eek. I also want my wedding to look exactly like theres lol, so beautiful! xx

  2. Totally in lovee with this series now...I watched all four in one day and I had only ever seen the first one before that! I might even have to read the book to find out what happens in part 2 :) xx

  3. The wedding was so beautiful! Oh Heather please read the books, they are far far better than the films! You will love it! xx