Obscura Experiment

Yesterday I took my Dora the explorer camera obscura tent to St Andrews Park to test it out. It was a horrible experience being cooped up in the tiniest tent in complete darkness! Anyone's worst nightmare really! Suffering for my work! 

Alice and Ellie helped me out and taped me inside until it was completely light proof then opened up the pinhole. It was amazing inside, so bright, I could see the whole park projected inside the walls of the tent. I got Alice to make shapes for me to photograph but I had a disaster with my digital camera inside and couldn't find the right setting. 

The longer I was inside and the more frustrated and hot I was getting the worse the camera worked! After about 20 minutes I gave up and had to burst out, coming away with another load of black images.. another black squares project on the way maybe..?? Will have to test this out again, but really not looking forward to getting back inside!

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