Motion in a Single Image

Another strand of my self directed study is trying to create motion in a single image. This has stemmed from my 'One hour pinhole' project where I tried to condense a film into a single image. I wanted to recreate this project looking at interactions with cameras. 

Below are the digital versions of this experiment, I have also created the same effect using pinhole photography. I photographed different people experimenting with my roliflex camera and layered the images on top of each other to create motion in a single image. 

It is interesting to see where the different movements create ghostly shadows. The photograph in the middle is very focused around the roliflex camera, as Alice moved around it during the exposures, Where as the top photo has more of a solid outline of Ellie, as she moved the roliflex camera more to look at it during the exposures. 


  1. These have worked so well, I love, ace ace.

  2. i like these alot!!! the colours look good together as a set as well. goood xxx