Justin Quinnell

Photographer Justin Quinnell is a pinhole camera expert. This image is of the Clifton Suspention Bridge and was captured using a pinhole camera made from an empty can and a piece of photographic paper. This beautiful photograph was taken with one of the longest-ever exposures over a period of 6 months! The arcs of light show the movement of the sun through the winter and summer months. I really love the pinhole camera effect and Justin Quinnell's work is stunning.

Another project he worked on was called mouth piece. Justin Quinnell made a pinhole camera that fits inside your mouth. The photos are really facinating and looks at the world from a different perspective. To look at more of his work lok at his website you can even buy your own 'smiley cam' to take photos from inside your mouth!


  1. Justin taught our first ever lesson at bower ashton. And he gave me a lift home : )

    He's one of my favorite people ever, i have his photography book in my room. you can borrow it if you like. Xxxx

  2. Amazing!! Yes i would very much like to see that. Thanks steph! xxx

  3. I was doing work on that first photo the other day! amazing!
    The teeth ones are hilarious. It's genius!