Ross Sonnenberg - Camera-less Photography with Fireworks

Photographer Ross Sonnenberg has created these amazing abstract photograms by exposing photographic paper to fireworks. He has been experimenting with camera-less photography for his project 'Color Bang'. 

I love this technique and have looked at many photographers exploring this process during my self directed study at uni. I went to a really interesting exhibition at the V&A called shadow catchers (see post here). My project was looking at how artists have challenged the assumption that a camera is necessary to make a photograph. 

Ross Sonnenberg's photographs definitely caught my eye because of the dramatic colours. The light from the fireworks have created these stunning colourful images which look like galaxies.  
I have always been fascinated by the planets and stars, looking through telescopes and wondering what these far off places might look like. With this series I have tried to create imaginary solar systems and super novas using different materials, and fireworks for my light source to make one-of-a-kind camera less images directly onto color and black and white photographic paper. Like the darkness in outer space, I work in the dark to create images that mimic the interstellar places that I always dreamed about going to as a kid.
You can see Ross Sonnenberg's series of photograms on his website.

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