Felice Varini - Anamorphic Paintings

Swiss artist Felice Varini creates amazing optical illusions with his anamorphic paintings which cover buildings and even entire villages!
"At first they appear to simply be gigantic swooping shapes painted across buildings around the world… but find the correct focal point and they pop into astounding geometric forms." 
 To make his pieces, Varini first finds a location where people can interact with the space for his point of observation. He then projects his images on to the location and traces the shapes with paint.

You can see more of Felice Varini's work on his website. 

 Photographs below:
1. “Encerclement à dix,” Centre d’Art Contemporain, Thouars, France – 1999
2. “Orangerie du cha‰teau de Versailles” – 2006
3. “Archi e Corone” – 2003

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