The Impossible

I went to see the new film 'The Impossible' last night, by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona. I was preparing myself for another natural disaster movie but wasn't ready for how intense it was! The film, which is based on a true story, was shocking and really quite graphic, and I found some parts were quite unbearable to watch. However this film isn't intended to shock us, instead it aims to impact on us the value of life and the love of family.

The destruction of the tsunami happens almost immediately at the start of the film, unlike other disaster movies which build the suspense and introduces us to the characters more. The performances and cinematography of the film are amazing, and really quite beautiful for a film about destruction. I thought Naomi Watt's performance in particular was incredible and had me hiding behind my hands in her scenes of agony.

"This is a simple but powerful film about human tenacity, about surviving against all odds in the face of death, about salvaging and hanging out to the last bit of hope when life has little to offer."

This film is a must see, it will make you feel sad and pain, but also great joy at the triumph of human spirit. You can see the trailer below.

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