Harry Potter Studios

I never got round to blogging about my trip to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios a couple of months back. Yes, I'm a big nerd, but I was also really curious to see the actual film sets. It was such a great experience and really good to see all the props close up. Some were completely different to how I'd expected them to be.

The tour starts with a look into the Great Hall, and the rest continues very much like a museum with all the props, costumes and artefacts displayed. It was incredible to see the amount of detail and design work that had been put into the spell books and sweets packaging. However I did find out that most of the books found in Dumbledore's office are actually yellow pages and phone directories rebound to look old, ha! We were able to walk down Diagon Alley, Sit on Hagrids motorcycle, and even buy Butter beer!

The tour ends with the extraordinary sculpture of Hogwarts castle. It was built for the first film and used for exterior shots in every film since. The sculpture was incredibly details with lights in the windows and even owls in the owlery. If you are a Harry Potter fan, the studios are definitely well worth a visit. It has also got my intrigued in a career of set design, but we'll see about that.

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