Beauty of a Second

This film is a wonderful collection of one second clips capturing beauty. It is the first round of Beauty of a Second short film competition advertising the new Montblanc luxury chronograph. Your challenge as a video artist is to "seize the moment" and capture beauty in one second. The subject can be anything you consider beautiful.
"190 years ago, Nicolas Rieussec recorded time to an accuracy of a fifth second for the first time - the chronograph was born. To celebrate this unique invention, Montblanc is announcing the one-of-a-kind "The Beauty of a Second" short-film contest presented by the famous film director Wim Wenders."
There are some really interesting clips in this first video, including a car filled with plastic balls, feet shooting down a waterslide,  and some really beautiful close up shots of life some with soft focus and light leaks. You can see the whole project here and get involved yourself. The deadline for the next installment is on the 13th December. This campaign is viral marketing at its best I think.

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