I watched Inception again this weekend with Mum, its one of my favorite films, it really gets me thinking ages after the film has finished. Christopher Nolan did an excellent job directing this film, I have just come across a video explaining how they filmed the rotating corridor and zero gravity scenes. I was really surprised to find that there was very little CGI effects, it was all stunts. It was so well thought out and the structures that were built to film it were incredible!  Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed all of his own stunts, I think he is amazing. He said that there can be "no substitue for real human energy performance" which is why these scenes look so fantastic. If you haven't already seen the film, you must! It may be a little confusing at first, but once you have a basic understanding of lucid dreaming and get to know the characters you are really sucked in to the story line.  It is definitely one of my favorite films.

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