One Day

I read One Day on holiday this year, it was such a lovely book, I really enjoyed reading it. There had been a lot of hype about the book and film recently so thought I'd get involved. The film lived up to my expectations, and was pretty accurate to the book. It was beautifully filmed and Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess do a great job of being Em and Dex (even if Anne's accent is a bit dodgy to begin with). The story follows these two characters over 20 years showing how their lives are connected. We see what they are up to each year on the same day since they met at graduation. The story reminds me a little of 500 days of summer, where it is not a typical love story. Em and Dex are not a couple throughout and the storyline is very frustrating and emotional. I enjoyed the film but would recommend reading the book first.

Watch the trailer here

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