Never Let Me Go

I have been wanting to watch this film for ages, but couldn't find many showings, and the ones in Bristol were in the directors hall (which were £13 a ticket!) but finally I found a showing on tuesday evening so went to the cinema with my mum and sister in London. The film lived up to my expectations and I loved it! It is very dark and tragic and left me thinking about the film for ages. I am so surprised it was missed out of the bafta nominations. The cinematography is beautiful, the colour palette is very washed out and adds to the 1980's backdrop. Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfieild and Keira Knightly all act beautifully as three young friends that have been cloned for their body parts, in this alternative-reality. The film is more about love than it is a sci fi, and reminds us that life is short. Watch the trailer her and definitely go to see the film in the cinema!

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