The Social Network

I really enjoyed seeing the social network. The film was directed by David Fincher and is beautifully filmed and edited. One scene that really grabbed my attention was the Henley boat race, which is filmed using tilt shift photography techniques. The plot is all about the creators of facebook and the disputes they had over the creation of it. Jesse Eisenberg plays the character of Mark Zukerberg really well, he reminds me a little of Michael Cera. Its amazing to see how quickly the site expanded, and makes me feel pretty lame for being on it all the time! The trailer is below, if you haven't already seen it go! But don't go mid day during half term as you will find its full of kids that won't shut up!

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  1. Jesse Eisenberg is soo Michael Cera, watch 'Adventureland', I swear they are the same person! x